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Vocal warm ups, icebreakers and interactive games


Fun exercises to warm up the body and voice.

Toning through the chakras

Toning through the chakras and chakra/body vowels-to work directly with anything held in the energy system.

Chakra sound and movement

Gentle tai chi movements combined with toning through the chakra’s-to work directly with anything held in the system, relaxing and invigorating.

Vocal processing techniques

Exercises to process thoughts and feelings through sound.


Heart release- an exercise to help process anything stuck in the system.

The forest-a vocal exercise to help process thoughts and feelings through sound.

Heart Song-a life affirming, energy expanding and nurturing exercise for the heart centre.

Metaphorical and Literal voice scape.

An active and connecting exercise for a group to share, inspire, create and connect through sound.

Literal voice scape-describe an experience through voice and sound.

Metaphorical voice scape-describe an art work through voice and sound.


Tone poems.

The term ‘tone poem’ goes back to the time when groups of people would have come together to share their stories, songs & song lines. The tone poem is a creative piece using non-sensical words that people can create and sing together.

Narrative voice scapes.

Enquiry through sound to encourage openness.

We will examine limiting beliefs that hold us in place and work with them in a creative and transformational way. Enquiry through sound and remembering who we are at our essence.

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