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It was deeply mediative. It gave me this feeling quickly. I only get this deep state of relaxation when Ive done a long yoga and meditation class. When we started I had a lot on my mind and after a while it wasn't there. I felt tingling in my body. Simone.

I had colours washing over as you changed the different sounds you were making, yellows and greens and then when you got to the end and it got loud it was red. I also felt tingling in my body. Jody.

I felt something right at the beginning at the start, I had thoughts going for a while and then nothing. Everything stopped. I was unconscious. Rose.

I had a feeling like my brain was being washed. I was paying attention to the patterns on my eyes which were really busy to start off with and then when you went to the harmonics it was almost blank. With the long tonal sounds I got pulsating patterns. Then I thought Id channel the sound to my sore shoulder to see if this works and it did. Moragh

When I arrived tonight I was conscious of a lot of tension in my legs and my arms and I had a headache. I felt my legs relaxed first and then my arms, and they still feel good. My head is vastly improved, I notice I feel really relaxed. My brain feels washed. Ian

Very positive experience for the body, mind and spirit. A benefit for well being. Rachel.

I thought of my issue in life which created tension and heat in my solar plexus and head area. As the voice bath commenced I had an inward heaviness feeling then as the tempo changed and percussion entered I started moving outward and becoming light. Bavahni.

A beautiful relaxing session and a great way to explore within-the combination of voice and percussion resonates with your soul. Lisa.

A wonderful powerful experience, incredible energy generated through the hands and feet chakras. A beautiful shifting that allowed a knotted dark mass to open out into a deep red flower. Cheryl.

Thanks for a wonderful experience Nicky I had no idea what to expect and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I have left with a feeling of openness and feel energised to face the full challenges ahead of me. Kelly.

Thank-you for a beautiful session. It’s just what I needed to awaken and align myself. I cant wait to learn more! Kerry.

Such a journey through sound and light and colour. I experienced deep emotions of grief and mourning, love and then cleansing of body and soul, finishing with a lightness of weight and expansion of the particles that make up my body. Angela.

Beautiful experience cleansing airing felt on different levels of my body. Thank-you Nicky. Roxanne.

This sound bath session helped me focus on areas in my body where I hold tension or particular feelings, for me frustration and how that feels. I could then think through how I might focus on relieving this through further chakra and visualisation work. Thank-you so much for providing this session and space to focus on myself and relieving my tension and stress. Yasmin.

The sound bath opened me to expanded energy and at the same time integrated energies that were a bit scattered. Pete.

The session was relaxing, enjoyable and insightful. Jane.

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